“After taking glucosamine for over five years for the arthritis in my left knee, no discernible change has taken place other than that it has not got worse. After 60 days taking the alpha collagen, my pain has virtually completely vanished. This is either an amazing coincidence or a matter of cause and effects.” – Alison Mok

“I am absolutely delighted with your products! The alpha collagen is  amazing, and I no longer have any shoulder pain. A little still in my knee so I will try the knee specific one soon. It is so good I am giving it to John too.  Alpha collagen should be a medical aid for arthritis.” – Stephen Moody

” I have only been taking Alpha collagen for 1 months and I notice a difference, my knees has stop clicking and it no longer hurt at night. I have tried other generic products before but it has never target so specific to my knees. A big thank you to the doctors from alpha collagen.” – Wilson Poole