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Regenerative Medicine


Actomed Clinic was formed based on the principle of “Active Medicine.” We specialise in a clinical and scientific approach to regeneration, recovery and repair of the human body. We employ various tissue engineering, molecular biology and medical regeneration techniques to treat clinical symptoms. The ethos of our company is to stimulate and enhance the body’s own repair mechanism, to facilitate the natural healing process and optimize performance.

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The Science 

α collagen is absorbed after it is broken down to peptides by digestive enzymes. It is 7 times more efficient to be broken down by the body and to be absorbed compared to other animal collagen products.

α collagen can deliver specific ratios of peptides to form building blocks of the α- peptide chains for the targeted cells. The cells will process the specific ratio of α- peptide chains to form collagen and replenish targeted cartilage. α Collagen can provide the best raw material for your body to recharge your cartilage in the right place at the right time.

Double blinded randomised control trial (RCT) has proven that oral collagen supplementation can significantly improve arthritis symptoms and reduce pain. α collagen is more efficiently absorbed by the body compared to other animal collagen products. Find out more.

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